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    Tuong Long at Kingpins Exhibition on January 2024

    Tuong Long at Kingpins Exhibition on January 2024

    In January 2024, Tuong Long attended the Kingpins exhibition with the goal of bringing Vietnamese denim to the world. At the Kingpins exhibition, many of the world’s leading denim manufacturers were gathered. This was not only a big challenge for Tuong Long’s products, but also an opportunity for Tuong Long to affirm that Vietnamese denim could also occupy a position in the international market.


    To compete with other famous denim manufacturers, we have brought the best products, the most unique styles developed from our professional R&D team.






    After all the efforts, Tuong Long’s exhibition at Kingpins was a great success. Tuong Long has successfully attracted the attention of international customers, especially in the American market.

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