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    A cozy Year-end party 2019 of Tuong Long Co., Ltd in Dalat city.

    A cozy Year-end party 2019 of Tuong Long Co., Ltd in Dalat city.

    The Gratitude Festival of Tuong Long’s Employees in 2019 was held warmly and joyfully in Da Lat – The city of flowers.

    As every year, the annual Year-end party, with the participation of employees and their families, brings warm and happy moments.

    With the motto “The growth of the company is also the happiness of each member”, Tuong Long always heads to become a home where not only the company’s employees but also their families will feel happy and proud to be a member of the company.

    The experiences of Tuong Long’s members & their children.

    Simultaneously, Tuong Long also always appreciates and rewards individuals who have made great efforts to learn, self-improve, and have many contributions to the development of the company.

    The rewarding activities took place energetically during the Year-end party.

    These lovely children are the future talents of the country, and possibly of Tuong Long.

    Many joys, laughter, and exultations for a successful year.

    With the companions of great people, Tuong Long will continue to grow stronger in the future.

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